Rabbit Cages, Pens & Hutches

Rabbit Cages, Pens, Hutches

Whether you're replacing your pet rabbits home or you are preparing for a new addition, choosing the right home is important. I offer a short description of each kind of cage and some pro's/con's.


Rabbit pens are an excellent choice if you have the room. These provide lots of room for bunny to run and exercise. The waterproof playpen mat can be used under the pen to protect your floor from litter box misses and usually discourages digging.  You can use the pen as a cage or as a means to limit your rabbits play area, inside or out.

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Wire cages are often stackable, something that's usually a necessity to rabbit owners who have several rabbits or limited space. They have pans below the floor which allow waste to fall thru so bunny is never standing or laying in pee. But remember, wire floors can also be hard on bunnies feet.  Make sure to provide bunny with alternative flooring like a wood plank, hay pan or synthetic lambskin for comfort.
Rabbits are easy to litter box train so using a litter pan inside the cage will help to cut your clean up time and usually reduces the amount of litter being used.


Super Pet Rabbit Cages are easy to assemble, relatively inexpensive and and come in a variety of sizes suitable for different size rabbit breeds. While these are a bit more "portable" than others they do not provide bunny with allot of room to run.

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Cages on stands/with legs elevate the cage above floor level. This kind of cage can keep bunny away from other household pets and drafts but most will not allow bunny to enter/exit on it's own. The ability to "retreat" to it's cage can make some bunnies feel safer, particularly if they are not accustomed to being handled.


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