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Meet My Bunnies

Minnie Holland Lop Rabbit
Minnie (a.k.a. Miss Mousy)

D.O.B.:  January 22, 2010
Color:  Tri-Color
Sex: Doe
Weight: 3 lbs.
Claim to Fame: Olympic Gold Medalist?
Best Trait: of the friendliest doe's I've ever had as I usually only have boys!
Worst Trait: Bossy! I mean you want to scratch my head right? Well if not you'll get use to it, I am very demanding when it comes to being petted.

Brody (a.k.a. Cowboy)

D.O.B.:  February 11, 2014
Color:  Broken Tort
Sex: Buck
Weight: 3 lbs.
Claim to Fame: I'm good looking, did you really expect a show too?
Best Trait: I'm curious and active.
Worst Trait: I spook easy so I miss out on some petting sometime.

In Memory Of...

bailey bunny

Bailey (a.k.a. The Acrobat)

D.O.B.:  March 14, 2007 (Died January 2016)
Color:  Broken Blue Tort
Sex: Buck
Weight: 3.5lbs.
Claim to Fame: World Class Binkies
Best Trait: One of the most friendly, affection buns ever...I'm a lover not a fighter. I love people, I love other bunnies.
Worst Trait: I pick locks. I know you said that it was off limits, but I really need to get in there.



D.O.B.:  June 2000 (Died July 2012)
Color:  Sable Point
Sex: Buck
Weight: 4lbs.
Claim to Fame: I'm the farting bunny on Youtube
Best Trait: Never get into any trouble
Worst Trait: I'm a thief. If it's food, I gotta have it. If I have to take it from you...well, a buns gotta do what a buns gotta do.

Dottie (a.k.a. Dot Dot)

D.O.B.:  February 8, 2008 (Died January 2012)
Color:  Broken Black
Sex: Doe
Weight: 3.25lbs
Claim to Fame: I'm mommies only girl
Best Trait: I'm a greeter, very hospitable. Like to make you feel welcome and give you the opportunity to pet me endlessly even though I feel it unnecessary to kiss you in return.
Worst Trait: On occasion I don't feel it's necessary to use the same potty the boys do so I'll tinkle right beside it.



Scoobie (a.k.a.) Brown bunny

D.O.B.:  June 1, 1999 (Died April 2008)
Color: Tort
Sex: Buck
Claim to Fame: Pictured in the Rabbits USA 2008 Annual Magazine.
He never missed the potty, never sick a day in his life until the illness that took him
Worst Trait:
I don't think he had a bad trait, truly, he was a real gentlemen.




How I made friends with my house rabbits...

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