Rabbit Carriers & Cages

Rabbit Carriers

Carriers allow you to transport your pet rabbit safely, whether it's too the vet, a show or to the bunnysitter's house.

Plastic Carriers  are sturdy and durable. Like the one's pictured here, those which have clips which separate the top half from the bottom can make bunny "removal" a bit easier if bunny is not happy coming out the door on their own.

Wire cage carriers with wire bottoms are usually the best choice for long trips, they can hold a water bottle and keep bunny from standing in pee. These carriers are also available with multiple sections for carrying more than one rabbit. It's usually best to give bunny enough room to stretch out but not so much that they risk being injured by hopping around if frightened.

Strollers & Totes are soft and lightweight but not exactly chew proof. Because these are made with soft material they may be a good choice for disabled rabbits but a bedding material or towel will need to be used to absorb urine. If your bunny is prone to chewing and digging, something with a hard bottom would probably be a better choice.

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